Everything But The Kitchen Sink Soup

For the past few days I’ve been suffering from a terrible cold, to the point that I can’t smell or taste anything — awful for a foodie like me! And if you remember my post “Eat With Your Senses,” you’ll remember that your sense of smell is closely tied to your sense of taste, which lets you enjoy your food. Well, I decided that I needed some soup to cure me. Not having the energy to shop for soup ingredients, I decided to take my inspiration from what was in the apartment, wh… read more »

Healthy Frozen Dinners

As you know, I like to cook fresh, seasonal food as often as I can, but sometimes it’s just not possible. If I’m home alone or too tired to cook something up, my choices are either to order in or find something in the freezer. Both of these solutions can have their drawbacks when it comes to good nutrition, but when choosing wisely, you can still have a Nutritioulicious dinner even if you’re not making it from scratch. Frozen meals have never been my thing — I wasn’t brought up o… read more »

Edamame Burgers

When making a party or dinner for friends, I always like to keep in mind what everyone eats so that there are enough choices for all my guests. These days people have all different types of eating patterns, so it can be a challenge to meet everyone’s needs. Vegetarians in particular are a very diverse group. Some types of vegetarians are:  pescetarians who eat fish; lacto-ovo-vegetarians who eat eggs and dairy; flexitarians who mostly eat vegetarian, but occasionally eat meat; and vegans wh… read more »