Roasted Garlicky Green Beans {Recipe}

Roasted Garlicky Green Beans are a crisp and delicious side dish – you’ll never look at green beans the same way again! Before I had kids I was at an Italian restaurant for dinner and ordered “Burnt Green Beans.” I didn’t really know what it was when I ordered it, but the waiter said that they were just very well done green beans (aka string beans) sautéed with oil and garlic. That sounded pretty darn good to my fellow diners and me – I mean how can you go wrong… read more »

Roasted Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup {Recipe}

Smooth and creamy roasted butternut squash soup with sweet potatoes is the perfect way to start your Thanksgiving meal!  Post, pictures and recipe updated October 24, 2016 With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it was time to update the photos and recipe for my favorite fall and winter soup. This roasted butternut squash soup with sweet potatoes came about six years ago when I received winter squash and sweet potatoes in my CSA box. Butternut squash soup is traditional on Thanksgiving and… read more »