Nutrition Communications Services

Media Appearances & Consulting

Jessica partners with public relations agencies and food and beverage companies as a media spokesperson and consultant. She has a strong presence and has appeared on television, online, and in print, and is available for interviews, news segments, cooking demonstrations, and conference expo representation.

Social Media Communications

As an active participant on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+, Jessica helps companies engage with consumers and build brand awareness through Twitter chats, Facebook chats, blog posts, and social media postings .

Recipe Development

Jessica loves eating good food, and she loves to cook it too. She is available to develop healthy, nutritious and delicious recipes for individuals, companies, and print and online media outlets.

Food & Nutrition Writing

Jessica is an experienced nutrition, food, and health writer. She is available to write on a variety of topics for magazines, health and wellness sites, blogs, and social media sites (e.g. Twitter, Facebook).

Nutrition & Health Speaking

Jessica speaks about nutrition, health, and wellness to groups large and small. She is available to speak at corporate offices, community facilities, health fairs, conferences, and other events. Some popular topics include:

  • Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of the Day
  • Nutritious & Delicious Eating and Cooking for Kids
  • Eat Well, Look Gorgeous, Feel Fantastic
  • Top 10 Nutrition Tips for Busy New Yorkers
  • Food and Your Love Life
  • Teen Body Image and Self Esteem: How Parents Can Help
  • Beating the Four O’Clock Slump
  • Eating Well on the Road
  • Healthy Holiday Eating

Nutrition Analysis

Jessica provides nutrition analysis for chefs, food companies, supermarkets, and restaurants in order to help them with food labeling and improving the nutritional content of their dishes. In addition to providing the nutritional breakdown, Jessica will offer recommendations for making recipe improvements that will lead to more nutritious results for consumers.

Individual Services

Kitchen and Pantry Makeovers

Jessica comes to clients’ homes to help them reorganize their kitchens and pantries and inform them about the ingredients and tools they need to adhere to a Nutritioulicious lifestyle.

Supermarket Tours

Jessica meets clients at their local supermarkets to help them navigate the aisles, read nutrition labels, dodge common marketing traps, and stock up on the most nutritious and delicious ingredients.

Cooking Lessons

Jessica comes to clients’ homes to teach them everything from the basics of food preparation to more advanced meal creation with a focus on family-friendly, Nutritioulicious meals that won’t take hours to get on the table.