Jessica Levinson inspires trust; she not only creates meal plans for her patients, she provides attainable and realistic goals for achieving success. After struggling with my body image for most of my life, through my work with Jessica, I have finally ended those struggles. Jessica has guided me toward a healthier lifestyle and a more positive body image. Jessica is not only my nutritionist; she is my coach, my cheerleader, and most important, my confidant.

- Amy Karlin

As someone who is pre-diabetic, I'm always concerned about my weight and diet. Jessica encouraged me to keep a food journal, which we reviewed regularly to help me make better food choices. Understanding what to eat and when are critical, but having a dietitian is not just a short-term commitment. A dietitian such as Jessica can fit into your life at critical times when food and eating can be a problem. Thanks Jessica!

- Stan

Jessica Levinson has been exceptional to work with. She has an incredible ability to educate and inspire consumers while organically spreading our food and wellness clients’ messages. Her nutrition advice is evidence-based and is delivered in the most creative ways, typically in the form of a delicious recipe!

- Kate Wilson, RD Ketchum Public Relations

I brought Jessica in as an expert speaker to Stuytown. She gave a very engaging and informative presentation, leaving the residents in the audience with a new and positive outlook on nutrition for their children. One resident came to me the following day and stated that ‘Jessica was an absolute delight…giving me a great deal of information on how to be more conscious of what to feed my daughter.

- Brian Farhi, Event Coordinator, American Leisure

When you’re looking for real, practical ways to improve your diet, Jessica Fishman Levinson is a great resource. In her Q&A series on Everyday Health, she provided wonderful, expert tips for our readers and made the information easy to understand. She really knows her stuff!

- Alyssa Etier, Senior Associate Editor, EverydayHealth.com